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The past few years have brought an onslaught of celebrity shock. Miley Cyrus twerked on numerous occasions, North West was named North West and Jennifer Lawrence became the world’s favourite person. But aside from all this, there were some pretty amazing hairstyles. Here are the five hottest celebrity hairstyles today.

Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut

There’s something so impressive about people with long, luscious locks taking to the scissors and chopping off their hair. It’s brave, and it says something about a person’s personality. Not only does the pixie cut look cute, yet glamorous, it says that the wearer is an individual. Jennifer Lawrence and Pamela Anderson are just a few celebrities sporting this look. It’s been labelled the hottest hairstyle of 2013 by Glamour, and it certainly suits those who have made the cut. The pixie hairstyle is wonderful to show off the shape of your face, while heightening your cheekbones.

The Angled Bob

Jennifer Anniston shocked us all when she deviated from ‘The Rachel look,’ a name coined by her time on Friends. But some are saying that her new angled bob is going to be even more imitated than her last do. The length can vary, and the angled cut helps to frame the face.

The Textured Bob

Scarlett Johansson’s new look is gorgeous, manageable and looks good on almost anyone. The choppy, razored ends give a semi-grunge feel to the usually demure hairstyle. Whether your hair is wavy, straight or curly, the textured bob is sure to be a winner. Cut just above the shoulders, it swings free while maintaining an air of glamour.


These seem to sweep in and out of style in seconds. Just as it looks like bangs are yesterday’s thing, someone like Emma Stone brings them flying back in. Heavy bangs can make any hairstyle stand out. Have your stylist use a razor to give them that choppy look, but steer clear if you have cowlicks or tight curls.

Long Layers

One of the most sought after looks of 2013 has to be Mila Kunis’s layers. The enchanting boho look can be worn loose for any occasion. Glamour, casual or cute, the layered look can be tweaked and accessorised easily and without a fuss. The style suits any hair type too. Straight, curly or wavy haired women can wear the style with confidence. The choppy, razored look helps to give the look a rough, seductive quality. Make sure your layers are defined enough to give off that wow factor.
Whether you’re sporting short, long or mid-length hair, there is a hot celebrity hairstyle for you. The brave an independent can try their hand at the pixie cut, while the less versatile of us can spruce up our hair through heavy bangs or some rough layers. You can always mix and match. Find the qualities you love about a certain hairstyle, and mix it with the length of another. For more information about how to get that celebrity look visit biothikaustralia.com.au


baby bump

When I first found out I was pregnant, I shouldered an internal war and struggled to hold a smile, concerned (and quite unfairly) that my partner would soon become completely attracted to me. I used to think his obsession with my daily glossy fix was amusing, endearing even, as he consumed images of celebrity women parading around in barely there bikinis only weeks after giving birth. They looked almost perfect. To him, this is how post-pregnancy looked. And while I was determined to cross that bridge when I came to it, I knew he wasn’t quite prepared for the changes in my body and by extension, my wardrobe. Four months down the track, my favourite jeans didn’t quite meet up in the middle and my butt was vying for its own dose of pregnancy hormones, growing into an in-between size. I looked a bit dumpy, a bit tired, a bit flustered…And fairly so, as I was growing a baby while he worked on his beer gut. I didn’t want to FEEL dumpy though, so I hopped online, took stock of my budget and tracked the latest pregnancy trends bouncing around tinsel town. Believe me, you can look like a star, feel like one too and still be pregnant!

The Fabric

Instead of focusing on particular pieces or labels, think about the fabrics currently gracing your body. Do they cling? Are they comfortable? Do they skim your curves or emphasize them? Can your skin breathe? Is there a little give or stretch to their composition? The target here is effortless chic without restriction or discomfort, as an A-Lister always looks confident and in control; you too can channel the same self-esteem by opting for flowing fabrics like chiffon, silk or jersey. Favouring the rounded look? Try lace and cotton, as they retain their shape, but mould to your body.

The Colour

There’s no rule in the world that states you must wear black, white and grey while carrying a plus one around with you; in fact, a dash of colour or a complete saturation will enliven your outlook and reinvigorate those staple pieces. Team an empire line top (preferably with a bit of bling) with body hugging maternity jeans, playing off the loose/tight juxtaposition and drawing attention to your emerging figure without making yourself uncomfortable.

Dress Up, Don’t Size Up

We all love to look nice, especially when special events roll around (like baby showers, weddings, dinners, a girls night out), but many women are tempted to size up instead of going for a well-fitted, clingy number. Clingy doesn’t need to be your enemy or an adjective ascribed to your ex-boyfriend any longer; body hugging cuts in a well- structured material will flatter your shape. Team a slinky pair of maternity jeans with a form hugging top; invest in good quality materials that won’t itch and scratch.

Right now, you’re probably scratching your head and thinking, this is all very well and good, complete stranger, but where can I get the clothes of which you speak? Online stores have done wonders for pregnant women, thrusting the doors of fashionable, trend-ready boutiques open; my favourite were ASOS, www.maternitysale.com.au and Target for basics. And my partner? He’s so wrapped up in our baby, he doesn’t really care what I wear. But I do. You’re a star, so go out there and shine.


Gambling and celebrities

The arrival of online casino and sports bet sites over the past two decades has seen people who would never have visited a land-based casino or bookmaker discovering the joys of participating in these activities from the comfort and security of their own homes, and many of them will also have been attracted to the casinos by the rising number of celebrities who are taking to competitive gambling. These famous gamblers include A-List Hollywood megastars, former sportsmen and familiar faces on UK television, and they take part in both casino and sports betting.

Amongst the Hollywood fraternity, Ben Affleck, and Tobey Maguire are some of the most enthusiastic casino gamers, while Ashton Kutcher has proven to be very successful at betting on sports. Both Maguire and Affleck have enjoyed significant wins competing against professional gamblers in poker tournaments – and actually came up against each other at the 2004 California State Championships (with Affleck emerging as the winner), while Kutcher enjoyed a $750,000 win as part of a syndicate wagering on college football games. Indeed, Kutcher claimed that his onscreen reputation for doziness actually worked to his benefit, by causing sports betting sites to underestimate his gambling skills.

It’s not just Tinseltown celebrities who are into gambling though, as a number of former sports stars have taken to professional poker playing after retiring from sports. Perhaps the best known example is the Australian cricket star Shane Warne, who has been so successful in his new career as a pro-poker player, that he was signed up by an online casino company like GamingClub.com/au/online-roulette to be their figurehead at tournaments like the UK Open.

However celebrity gambling is not just a male preserve, the television presenter and journalist Victoria Coren has also made a real name for herself at poker tournaments – including becoming the first woman to win on the European Poker Tour. Indeed, Coren is reckoned to have made more than $1.3 million in winnings from her sideline career on the tables.


Helen Flanagan on the Set of Corrie in Manchester.

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Helen Flanagan on the Set of Corrie in Manchester



Amy Childs Arriving to Beso in Hollywood.

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Amy Childs Arriving to Beso in Hollywood



Roxanne Pallett at Christmas Cricket Party Lvp.

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Roxanne Pallett at Christmas Cricket Party Lvp



Wila Holland at Madden NFL 12 Pigskin Pro-Am.

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Wila Holland at Madden NFL 12 Pigskin Pro-Am



Paz Vega at Marrakech Film Festival photocall.

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Paz Vega at Marrakech Film Festival photocall



Kirsten Dunst O and A in Toluca Lake.

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Kirsten Dunst O and A in Toluca Lake



Emily Blunt Shopping at Fred Segal in LA.

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Emily Blunt Shopping at Fred Segal in LA


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